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Snow White

All I Want Is A Fairytale

5 May 1980
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"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
Though you may not believe it I am real. I am everything that you want to be, but could never be. I can be everything that you want and need. I can make all your dreams, fantasies, and wishes come true. When you fall I will be there to help you up or step on you, walk away, and make sure that you stay there. Before you wish for something, think really hard about it....you just may get it. I am a virgin whore, both Marys all rolled into one. A dichotomy with dignity and I will ask for more. When everyone else has faded and turned light and bright,remember I am the NIGHT!

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