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Mistress of the Night

Animal Lovers- Please Read and Save a Life!

Ok so I have a pretty important update if you care anything about animals. A few months ago, behind where I work is an old car lot with abandoned cars and a run-down, old shed. It came to my attention that there was a dog that was always hanging around my place of work, in the back of the building. Before I started working there, the dog had a litter of puppies and by the time I started working there, she had 3 puppies left, apparently someone had come and picked up 2 of the puppies and there were just 3 left. So, the people I work with had named the dog Scrappy and had named the puppies as well. The one woman who worked there even had her husband build a doghouse on the side of the building so the dogs would have shelter, but even though it was a large, insulated doghouse, they quickly outgrew it and all of the family couldn’t fit, so they hardly ever went in there. They fed the dogs out in the alley and bought dog food and gave them water and became well acquainted with the dogs.

One day, Scrappy came down the alley with her ear half hanging off and bleeding from cuts all over her nose and face. It was heart wrenching, this all took place before I started working there. The one guy, named Jimmy who works there, really became attached to Scrappy and was so devastated when he would see her in horrible condition day after day from city-street living. He wanted to take her home, but he already had 6 animals, cats and dogs.

So, by the time I started working there, Scrappy was pregnant with another litter of puppies. Nobody had seen the puppies, nor knew where Scrappy had them or where she was keeping them. I assumed she was keeping them in the shed, but didn’t want to try and enter the shed for fear of her getting aggressive. Then one day, the guys that work in the back and are near the back alley said they saw Scrappy and her puppies. They said she had about 4 puppies with her. I was so concerned about these puppies and Scrappy and her other puppies from her previous litter and I knew that something had to be done. I searched and wrote several rescue organizations about taking in all the dogs. I got negative replies from all places I wrote. One woman even chastised me for “doing everything but the right thing” which in her opinion was calling animal control and getting them off the streets. But I didn’t want to do that because I knew that there was a very good chance that all of them would be euthanized especially poor Scrappy, who was beat-up and not a puppy. Other places simply did not want the Scrappy or the older puppies they only wanted the newest litter of puppies. I was outraged by the responses I was getting. After writing to several organizations and places, I finally got an email from a woman who worked with another woman who ran an all-breed dog rescue. She informed me that the woman was willing to take all the dogs, Scrappy and the older puppies as well as the newest litter of puppies. This to me was the answer to my prayers and this woman was a true angel.

I got in touch with Brieann, the president of Ruff Life dog rescue and she told me she had room at her rescue and that she was a former vet technician and had resources for getting the dogs medical treatment, dewormed, spayed and neutered, their shots, and best of all adoption! So, we set up a date that a contact she had would drop off crates for me to hold the dogs in, until another woman would come and transport them to Brieann’s rescue. The guys at work were very uncooperative, they thought the dogs were going to be killed, no matter how much I told them I spent several hours and days trying to find a no-kill rescue and that this rescue was legit and a good thing for these dogs. This led to the guys that worked in the back to start a fight with Jimmy, another guy that worked there that supported the rescue and to them breaking the food bowls we fed the dogs out of, bowls that were not theirs to begin with. It started a lot of unneeded tension and strife at the work place and it was all due to ignorance on their part. Anyhow, after several days of trying to get Scrappy in the crate, I finally got a chance to enter the shed and was appalled by what I saw. The shed was dark, dank, and filthy. The puppies were all hiding under a beat up, filthy mattress. At first what was thought to be 4 puppies, turned into 6 and then 7. I got one of the puppies and put it in the crate and Jimmy and another woman that works there got a leash on Scrappy and got her to go into the crate with her puppy. After that I went back into the shed and got all her puppies and put them into crates as well. Then Monica, a woman who transports dogs for rescue for Ruff Life Rescue came and picked the dogs up. The older puppies, that we started calling the toddlers, were unable to be caught and when one did go into the crate, went crazy and was ramming it’s head into the crate. So, after talking with Brieann, we decided the best route to take with the toddler pups would be to get animal control to come and catch them and then Brieann would get them from the pound. It broke my heart for Scrappy and the puppies to be separated from her first litter of pups, but they were older and would just not tolerate being in the crate without some tools or assistance.

So, when Brieann got Scrappy and the puppies she gave them shots and medicine for the upper respiratory infections that the puppies had. She dewormed them all and they had a ton of worms. She started the puppies and Scrappy on antibiotics and gave them plenty of bedding and a safe, warm, place to sleep and plenty of food and water. For the first time in their young lives they were safe and in good hands.

Scrappy had several cuts on her, her ear was almost torn off, and she had a broken leg and a dislocated paw, they were both healed so nothing could be done for them. The cuts, Brieann applied a balm to them and they quickly healed.

Brieann tried several times to contact animal control to come and round up the toddler pups and they never came. I was growing more and more angry over the passing days. So, was Brieann and she finally got in contact with someone she knew at animal control B.A.R.C.S. in Baltimore City, but it would prove to be too late.

One of the toddler pups had been hit by a car and my mother seen it on her way to work, the police and a lot of people were standing around the scene. My mother didn’t realize it was one of our toddler pups and she said she only caught a glimpse of another dog that would not leave the dead dog’s side and was shaking and crying, my mother had never seen a dog cry before and this made my mother immediately start sobbing and she had to pull her car over. When she got into work, another woman that works there, told my mom that it was the toddlers. My mom didn’t want to tell me at first because she knew how I would handle it. So she did tell me and I contacted Brieann immediately and she was pissed off and saddened. Animal control really dropped the ball and wouldn’t lend any assistance to us after numerous calls and contacts. So Brieann, got animal control to talk with me and I told them I needed their assistance in rounding up the remaining toddler pup and 3 more stray dogs that were around the building. There was another dog I call “cow dog” because she is white and has spots and markings like a cow. She I could tell had puppies too, because her nipples were heavy and sagging. An animal control officer came and couldn’t catch any of the dogs and said they entered the shed where I was sure the puppies were at and said they seen no puppies. The one officer said cow dog’s nipples were like that because she had so many litters of puppies. I knew this wasn’t right, cow dog never ventured far from the shed and I knew she had puppies in there, plus I knew her nipples were a sure sign she was feeding puppies. So, I went in the shed and sure enough I seen 4 puppies staying where Scrappy’s litters had been, under that filthy mattress. So, I contacted Brieann and she said she was willing to take cow dog and her puppies and she wanted the other toddler and the toddler pup that been picked up by animal control with it’s dead sibling. So, when I talked to animal control they said it was a male puppy and it was good tempered and that Brieann had to contact them to put the puppy on reserve so that it wouldn’t be euthanized. So, Brieann called the Baltimore City pound and gave them the information the officer said we would need to identify the puppy, the street it was picked up on and the date. Brieann even emailed them a picture of Scrappy and said does the puppy you picked up look like this dog and they assured her it did. Brieann had bad news though, the pound was scheduled to euthanize the toddler pup that day and she didn’t have any transportation available and she also needed their permission to have the puppy released to her. So after animal control bullshitted around for a few hours, they finally gave Brieann permission to get the puppy and my wonderful boyfriend Aaron agreed to take me to the pound, pick the puppy up, and transport it to Brieann’s rescue which is about an hour away in Risins Sun, Maryland.

So, I get to the pound and I go to greet the puppy and I look into the cage and it’s a fucking Rottweiler puppy. I said, “Excuse me, this is not our puppy.” The animal control officer said that it was and that it was picked up on Frederick Avenue and with another dead dog as well and this was our dog. I said no it wasn’t, but she said it was. I didn’t say anymore because I didn’t want to have to give the Rottweiler back because they were going to euthanize it if I didn’t take it. I called Brieann and told her about the ordeal and she said she would straighten it out and get the actual toddler pup that we were looking for, but in the meantime to bring the Rottweiler puppy to her rescue. The Rott was seriously ill and had a high fever and hadn’t eaten in days. When I took him to Brieann she said that the Clavamox they had him on wasn’t enough milliliters for a puppy half his size and the fluids they were giving him were not adequate. She said a vet hadn’t even looked at the puppy until she called, she said they probably didn’t care because it was scheduled to be euthanized anyway. So, after getting the puppy tucked in a clean crate she then got it to eat some food within 5 minutes of her trying. I also got to visit Scrappy A.K.A. Sarah and the 2 remaining puppies that hadn’t been adopted and fostered out yet. Sarah looked like a completely different dog and she was so happy and healthy looking and the puppies looked like little butterballs and they were so healthy and happy looking too. It made me sooo happy to see their progress and to see how wonderful they were doing.

So, the next day Brieann informed that the Rott puppy had distemper and had bitten her and her husband and was most likely going to have to be euthanized. This broke my heart that this little guy was so sick and aggressive. But what she told me next was worse, seems that our toddler pup that we were supposed to have gotten had been euthanized the very day I was there to pick it up and they got the dogs mixed up. NO SHIT! I fucking told them that that fucking same day as soon as I saw the Rott puppy. She asked why they euthanized the toddler pup and they said because he was “sketchy.” What the fuck??!!! A puppy that had little human interaction, never been in a cage before, lived on the street, was a wild dog, and had seen his sister get hit and killed by a car and was now in a strange place was acting “sketchy”, NOOOOOOO! What a bunch of fucking dumb ASSES! Brieann and I were so overwhelmed with sadness and anger, we were crying like babies. Now, 2 of Sarah’s puppies had been killed in vain because animal control couldn’t get their act together and do their fucking job. They couldn’t even go into the fucking shed and see that there were puppies in there, they couldn’t fucking catch a mouse in a trap and would fuck up a Chinese fire drill.

So, at this time Brieann has told her contacts at animal control to not come and try to do shit with the dogs by work and we will try and get them without their help because we don’t want anymore animals dying in vain because of their incompetence.

So as of today, the Rott puppy hasn’t been euthanized because Brieann said he was starting to take his medicine and eating and euthanasia is the very last resort for Brieann. Out of the hundreds of dogs she has rescued and saved, she has only had to euthanize one dog before because it viciously attacked her and she has small children and the dog was unadoptable because of aggression. We are also in the process of catching cow dog and the puppies and transporting them to her rescue.

Brieann and her volunteers do so much selfless work to save so many dogs’ lives. This is a non-profit organization and she is in much debt because of vet bills she pays out of pocket. This woman is a true angel and I can’t say enough good things about her and her organization.

Here is the link to donate if anyone can donate anything, their services, vet care, money, supplies, etc. This is a hell of a worthy cause and the organization desperately needs help.


Also, here is a link to the pictures of Sarah and the puppies, so you can see how wonderful they are doing. You can also see before and after pictures of Sarah and the puppies and where they were eating and living.

Also, here is a link to Ruff Life Rescue so you can see all the other dogs she has saved and helped.


I am so glad caring people like yourself come into the path of needy animals sometimes.
Mistress of the Night

September 2008

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