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Mistress of the Night

Halloween 2007

Halloween sucked this year, nothing to write about on that front.

I did hear 'The Beautiful People' and 'Monster Mash' on the radio before the night was over and I was pleasantly shocked to hear Marilyn Manson on the radio, of course it was because it was Halloween, fucking Baltimore radio stations are lame. But I always say it isn't Halloween unless I hear 'Monster Mash' on the radio and I did, so at least there was that. I also went around trick-or-treating earlier in the night with my sister and niece, who was a lovely Renaissance princess, heard some great white trash Baltimore Halloween jolliness and stepped in fucking dog shit, I should have quit right then, but no I tread onward and the night went downhill from there. Anyhow, boos and ghouls here are some pics I managed to take before the night went to shit .

I hope the Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes aren't around anywhere:

Me as Strawberry Shortcake, in case you couldn't tell lol:

Me with my niece, Jade:

Me and my niece Jade again:

My lovely niece Jade as a Renaissance princess:



I have to say...I'm glad the night was shitty if it caused you to have that great icon pic at the bottom of the post!

jen (of course)
Happy (belated) Halloween Rach!

I spent the evening in the cinema watching Saw IV :-)

Sorry to hear yours didn't go to plan - I'm sure next year's will be better for both of us.

Take care
I saw SAW IV it was great, best since the first one I thought. Thanks, I can only hope!!
Awwww!! Look at you all adorable!!

That REALLY sucks that you couldn't find parking! Fells Point is impossible, even when there isn't anything going on. :( Sorry that your Halloween sucked...

Wanna come down to Florida instead? I will have everyone recreate the whole damn Holiday for you!

I would love that!!!! RE-DO on Halloween!!!
awww that sux sweetie next year you should come down to FL halloween is alot of fun down here
That sux! I know what you mean about Fells parking. That's why I don't really like going there for big events. It's impossible! I almost went to the Fells Point fest this year and was gonna just take public transportation since I knew the parking would be so bad.

But at least you got some CUTE photos!
Mistress of the Night

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